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MPF Unittest automation with Bitbucket Pipelines

The Mission Pinball Framework ( supports unittests ( which is super awesome.  We all should be writing and running unittests for the code we write, even if thats just writing yaml files for MPF.

First off running the unittests in your local development environment should be as simple as a single command:
Python -m unittest
I do not recommend away from runing the tests locally, in fact I will in the process of explaining how to use Bitbucket Pipelines ( I will give you a quick script that you can use to ensure the code your about to commit "should" pass in pipelines.

So if we can run the test locally why use pipelines? Well humans are forgetful, its likely over the long period of time that I will be building a pinball machine I am going to forget to run tests so I want a way that ensures they get run and what is easier than having them run …