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Using Trello to track progress

If you follow any other custom pinball blogs you will realise that building a custom pinball machine is a long process, with many of life events halting progress. As I have two little ones that will always take priority over building a pinball machine, it is totally inevitable that I will have down periods. Which will only ever lead me to forget where things are up to and what items remain. With this in mind I have decided I should use tools to track my progress.

It is no secret that I work for Atlassian and while I use JIRA day to day to track my work I don't need something so structured to track things at home. Since we acquired Trello at the start of the year it makes perfect sense for me to use the tools we make at work. Trello has the benefit of unstructured workflows, providing a simple to use Web and Mobile interface to just do what is needed, keep track of things.

The first thing I setup was the lists (or swimlanes for those familiar with sprint style agile development).