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Pinball Compute Setup

First off the computer I am using is an Intel NUC. I got the NUC5CPYH with a 120GB SSD and 4GB RAM, which I hope will be enough power but should at least get me developing and I can upgrade to a bigger unit in the future if needed. My intention is to develop from my primary iMac or my laptop and use remote connection (VNC) to access the NUC. This blog is to outline some of the process I went through in setting up my NUC and environment to work with it.

I am going to use Linux (Ubuntu) and to keep the OS as light as possible I will use the Xubuntu variant as this installs the XFCE window manager by default which is lighter than the normal Unity Window Manager.

TIP: There are good docs on setting up Mission Pinball here: However I went a little off script in setting up Mission Pinball Framework as I wasn't too keen on their installer, it installs the python packages into the system python instead of creating a virtual env…